PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 19

The Battle For Stalingrad takes place in one of the iconic areas of the D-Day field, Caen. Caen consists of more than twenty blown out buildings as well as a two story building that overlooks the entire field. The mission is simple: assault, capture, and defend Caen for as long as possible. The entire city starts cleared out and each side starts 100 meters away from the city. For the teams, one side represents the Germans and the other side represents the Russians. This year I was assigned to command the forces representing the Russians. Tac-One from the Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces (CEF), served as my XO. Our battle plan was simple, fast movers up front to grab as many buildings as possible then the rest of the army to follow behind and occupy that real estate with firepower. We split our forces into two groups -- Airborne and CEF to the west and all others to the east. It was a great day to play paintball, a dark overcast with light rain set the mood for an epic muddy hard fought battle. The “game on” horn sounded and our fast movers sprinted out ahead of the pack and gained a quick foothold in the southern buildings of Caen. The German forces quickly moved in and occupied the whole of the city and were intent on not letting loose of a single inch. Once the front lines settled in our small unit tactics from across the