PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 15

ers sitting in the basement playing Dungeons & Dragons. It’s actually funny when you stop and think about it. People that have never played the game often shake their head in disbelief on how much planning actually goes into this game from both sides. The days of saying “ok you take your guys and go around here” are thing of the past, now unit movements are coordinated by high tech radios and GPS systems.. Both Allied and German commands have built command centers, complete with AC. So you can see how the competition can get serious as game day grows closer. Even though the competition can get intense, the players on both sides still have fun up until Friday then you can see game faces coming on. If you ever have a D-Day experience, you will come out with lifelong friends, some of my best times have occurred off the field. Players from D-Day become a big crazy family and some of these guys you may see only once a year at D-Day but they are always willing to pitch in and help no matter what side you play on. People are willing to loan out equipment such as lawn mowers or weed eaters. I remember setting in camp one year, this skinny guy with a New Orleans accent comes up ask to borrow our weed eater. Without hesitation I loaned it out. That guy ended up being Juan “Bea- tle” Parke who is now the Allied commander. I remember another year when I was with the 82nd and a friend of mine named Bass (who was playing with the GJ’s) comes over and asked me if I could tow someone that had broken down. Bass and I loaded up in the truck and head off to get his guys. We eventually got back several hours later. Things like this happen all the time in the campsite. But this also happens off the field. One of the game coordinators and the field got hit hard in a bad ice storm one year. Players from both sides, guys like Zeke, Custar, Punisher and so many others that I forget all their names, (because I’m getting old) drove down with chain saws and other guys to do the labor and cut and hauled away all of the debris. Another time I remember when Dwayne got hit by heavy snow storm and his building at the bunker collapsed. People came from all over to help dig out his equipment from the building. For me the experience that you have at the campsite interacting with all the units is where the fun really happens. I remember the first year that we brought our big pool down. That was a year that we went from the 82nd to play with the 709th. Risken, Osprey and Dorsai brought over pool toys for our pool. That was the s RV"FBFW&Rv2&rFVFW'7F&B7VǒV6W"Bח6Vb7FBWBࠧFRFvW"vFW"frVWG2&vr&6v7BFR7F&FF2FvRFƲ&WBrV6gVF2v26&VV&W"FRF2b&6rvFFRt( 2BFR&FW6R&RFW2FBvWfW"f&vWBRFrVW֖B2FBRbFW6RV&W2vVBfR&VV7&VFVBvFWBFR&Bv&bGvRB27FfbFRvR6&FF'2&Vg2B7W'B7FfbGvRWG22V'BB6VF7&VFrV&RvRWfW'R2FVW֖BrV6FRB76FBWfW'RWG2FF2vRRvG2WfW'RFfRw&VBWW&V6RBFW22&W7BFRF2VWfW'V"F22&VV6vFRWw&FW2FFR66FW2vFFRWrvFW"G&VFVB77FVRWBF2V"FVƖ֖FRFR7VgW"6VB6FFRWw&FW2FRfVBvFFRWr'VFw2ƖRFR6W&6BWr&G2vRfR6Rrvg&FRF2bf&R&6R'&fB6&ƖRW7B&VV&W"FBbRvBF7&VFRV&W2FB7BƖfWFRG'BFRvFRRvFRfVVƖrFBRW7BVB&Bb'&FW'2ࠠ