PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 136

It was an easy D-Day afternoon when the rumble of an ATV interrupted the calm and quiet of the 91st campsite. Belinda Wofford was seeking the XO of the 709th, Chuck "Mudrat" Webb, and the possibility of anyone who was proficient in sign language because the German High Command had acquired three unique players for 2012. With luck on their side one, Alex "Eisbear" Merritt, had studied sign almost fifteen years earlier and was willing to give it a try. Quickly making his way to the German orientation tent he discovered that another fellow player, Angela "Covert" Lenz, had answered the GHC call out for anyone with American Sign Language background. Both, not having practiced in many years, were a bit rusty but confident that, between the two of them, they could communicate with the three newcomers to a decent degree. For Hopkin Elfrink, Adam Lee Peterson, and Aki Koi this was their first year to Oklahoma D-Day - actually any scenario game for that matter. Having only ever played recreational ball this would truly turn out to be an experience they would remember for awhile. First the rules, regulations, and rigors of the mini plus main games had to be gone over. During this time, w close to three hour would usually be a video, the XO Mudr on the scene. XO, w executive officer, fir lieved to be hugs a the three for a com that they had to hu Mudrat. Many laug throughout the we mis-communicatio help of the translat note pad, a laptop, the group got the l the game worked o three. "Everybod made som great new friends and even joine tional pain team, the Sharks. " Many players, like B "ZombehCat" Brigg fald, and Chris Helle the commanding o the week to learn w sign language they make the three feel able as possible. Th put a dry erase boa