PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 132

numbers, Facebook or even snail mail addresses so that we can keep in touch throughout the year. Most communication takes place on the Axis Command website and the Oklahoma D-day forums. The increased use of Facebook by everyone is one of the easiest and quickest ways we keep in contact during the year. The 91st has a little game of mumblypeg that we play. Some of you may have heard about it, explaining it won’t do much; it is like twister with a tent stake is about the best explanation I can give. Stop by next year and check it out is my suggestion. We have also picked up a new unit flag; it is a giant purple flag with a frosty mug of brew. This was found by some players on their way down years ago. It gives a feeling of being relaxed and out to have a good time. a great game each year. The 2012 game shaped up with an amazing week of fun, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones. My take of the game for Saturday is of course limited to where I was for most of the day. At game on things around the 91st sounded pretty darn good, lots of action was being had by both sides. Shortly around 9:30 or 10 we saw a pretty good assault coming from the Utah area and my unit held its own very well with support from the 6th Fallschirmjäger and the 21st Panzer un G2fW&גwW2B&7BvRVB&BBr&V6W6RFB2vBvRFB2vvR&Rv"6RvR6RFFFRVBb&VwVFv62R6WfW&bגWvW7BW'2vW&RF6FVBWB7W&R7BbW2vW&RF6RFVw&VR"FW"'FVF22&62'VFvbFRvW&&גf"BFFW&R2Fb7V6f2f&Ff"V6VBBrFWW&FRGW&rFRvVVFVWFRBFf'VbRvVBƖRFr&RvR&Rv2&VBFVB7vW"VW7FRfR&WBFRvW&6FRBFRWfVBG6VbvVfRRvFw&GFV7FFVVB'fWFW&W"FBג7V2WvvRf"FRvW&6FRWfW'V"ࠢ%vRVB&BBr&V6W6RFB2vBvRFB2vvR&R גfWFW&2rF2&V6W6R6R6GW&F6VbBg&FVBFWfRWBFWBRFvvWGFrFrF6RVFW"ג6B2&VVf6rFV"7G&VwF2BvVW76W2BrFW&VfW"FvFF26VFvRFRVB2vRvFvBvR&RvBBBvBVVG2v&BrvR6&W7BFFPfVB'6( 2vRB6vW2FB67W"6R6GW&FGW&FWvWBFrRBvB6&RbfrF2&Bw2W2F6V6FR&WGFW"BFWrFBFV"7VvvW7FFBFWvfRv&RV&BB66FW&VB26WFrW'6FBFgFW"FRvR6GW&FvVvƲF&VvFR6r&VFWfW'RBW7BvW&'WBFRƖVBW'22vƲ'BFW2bW2FRF2vVVBFRvRVBvFWBR6FR"FRFW"BvBv&vRFW"'B7Fǒf