PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 131

in these matters. Many times it is open for multiple unit coordination, not only working on a unit’s ability to work together but also for cohesion on the larger scale as well. Many of the commanders also take to the front to command our side in the mini-games, play speedball with their unit in the evening, and generally keep everyone one together to share in the experience of the week. First timers as well as veterans get the year’s heads up with the orientation tent and have immediate access to their units’ commander when they are finished. Being on site and accessible to the players when they arrive show’s dedication on our part as leaders and that we value each and every single player past, present, and future that has chosen to join us each year. As a leader it can be difficult keeping on top of everything that goes on during the week. From getting to know your new players, staff meetings, and working on our area of operation - it puts a lot of stress on those in a position of leadership. Years ago, as a new commander, I looked to the experience of those around me, both in command and veteran players to gain my ground and knowledge base of the game. Everyone around you has some type of knowledge that is useful, by using these sources everyone from a player to a commander can become better at what they do. The friendliness of the German players made taking on the commander role easier, they gave pointers, asked if I had any questions and were patient in the fact that I was new to the whole thing. Over the years I have taken this attitude with me in working with larger numbers of players and especially with the first timers. Making their first year a good and memorable one is what my personal goal is. Holding my objectives and winning the game are second to the experience that my players need to have during the week and on game day. Although winning is never a bad way to keep them coming back. During the week I let the unit relax, play mini games and ask questions. We spend a lot of time meeting new players from both sides and generally have a relaxed week. During this time we get emails, phone