PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 118

CEF. We have no use for the “lone wolf” type of player or a group that just wants to go out and “shoot 'em up.” Managing a small army hinges on communication up and down the chain of command and sometimes, the language barrier comes into play. My military experience helps a great deal. In my 20 years with the US Navy, I learned to lead and listen to my troops. At one time, I had 362 personnel work for me and I was responsible for over $8 Million dollars of arms and equipment. It also helps, if you can speak other languages. I speak Americanese and Canuckistani, along with a bit of French and Spanish. There are other members, that speak up to six different languages. 99% of the CEF uses English as our primary language. We maintain contact through emails, forums, Facebook, and Skype. When in the field, the command staff uses military VHF and the units use Tri-Squares. Balancing our operations and “fun factor” is not as difficult as some might think. Without taking any personal freedoms away, we operate as a paramilitary organization. Our rank and staff structure ensures that most everything gets done and provides leadership and direction. We have instituted several things to try to eliminate any stress and improve the quality of life for our players. We have team clothing items to increase our visibility and team cohesion. We provide shelter in the form of large army style tents, Joining the CEF couldn't be simpler. More or less, a new player joins the CEF forum, reads about the units and picks one, introduces themselves and then, goes to an event and plays with the CEF. There isn't any application, although there is an information form we ask everyone to fill out. There are currently no dues, but that may change, as our global exposure develops. The only thing we make anyone buy is some kind of hydration system at the OK D-Day event. We try very hard to limit the number of heat casualties and stay hydrated. Other than some event age restrictions or common sense restrictions (weight, physical fitness or disability, which we can compensate for), there are no other external prerequisites. But, there are internal prerequisites. A player, wishing to join the CEF, must make some conscious decisions. We treat all new members as if they joined the French Foreign Legion. We don't care how they played before or whether they broke the rules, wiped, played on, overshot, cussed at players or refs or acted in an unsportsm ƖRf6rFR4Tb2( FfW.( f"FRW"BF26VFR( W"6R6vR"WfVFVR6vR2vVg&FBBFWRFR666W2FV66FvF7'G66BW"( bf&WfW"BFBw2B66VFWfW"bV&W"2fVBFfFRF2FV666FVWBBFW6WfW"6R&6vRFRFV66FvF( 7'G66BW.( 6VVF&RV7FV66FRB7GVǒ'V2fW'FVWǒFWW7BvBF&RFVW"Fw0