PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 116

to register on Saturday morning and they were placed in the “British Forces.” They had no leaders and no missions, but were quickly grouped together to go have a day of paintball fun. Jim Blakely (British Forces CO) and I (British Forces XO) saw an opportunity to give these players a more meaningful paintball adventure. So, for 2003, we volunteered to lead this ragtag group of avid paintballers. We recruited players and lobbied for a real mission in the big game on Saturday. That first year, we had 68 troops and were split evenly between the British 9th Parachute Infantry Regiment and the Canadian 1st Parachute Infantry Battalion. We were given the mission to take Pegasus Bridge (Green Bridge), hold it for points and then move on with the rest of the Allied army. We took Pegasus Bridge in 20 minutes and proceeded to lead the Allied army for the rest of the day. This day would set the pace for the future of the CEF. This first group of players went back home and told their friends and brought more players the next year. We went truly international in 2005 and we “The service to one’s country is something that is profoundly important and the oath of allegiance is not taken lightly. We 2F&R7G&r&V6W6RvR&Rg&VRBF2g&VVF6W'fW22vW&gVWRFVRfW"FRv&BGW&rFW6RG&V&VBFW2vR&R67FFǒ&V֖FVBb6WFrFBWfW'vVW&Fw3FR&BG'WFFBFW&R2WfFRv&BFB6WFW2FW&R26V"FffW&V6R&WGvVV&vBBw&rFR֖ƗF'26VG&FFR6FVFbFBg&VVFB&fFW2V2bf&6RFV7W&RFBg&VVFf"FR6vVFbG2VRvFFB֖BfP&FW&VBFR6֗76rbWVFF'f&6RF767BW"ƖW2&FFrFRv&BbF2WfW"&G62&RfWrBW"f7F&W2&R7vgB( VGv&BdrbVvBW6W'Bg&FR4Tb6֗76r6W&V璒#"vR6VV'&FVBFRWFfW'6'bBFBFRFfW'6'bFR4TbƖRFW"F&FVFRv&BFR4Tb7F'FVBg&fW'V&R&Vvw2ƗGFRFBrvBB7F'FVB"r&vRBv2F&V6RFRV&ǒF2bBFvƲW'2vW&RvV@