PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 112

Day 6 Oklahoma D-Day 2012 - The 15th Anniversary of the world's largest paintball event. The morning looked good. Trucks were up and moving. Players were chronographing and moving in the right directions. The only issue was staffing. I said earlier that we had trained all of our referees very well. Through-out the week I had about 15 guys/girls full time. Thursday night we added 5 more to help with the night game. Friday night I was busy calling up the trainees to make sure they came in on time the next morning. To be honest, I wasn't sure until after the 7 am staff meeting. Everyone is spread thin on Saturday but we made it work. The game kicked off right on time. I tried to get around to all the beaches before scoring started at 10 am. Utah beach looked awesome! Omaha was starting to rock and Sword was on fire! Really ON FIRE! This didn't stop anything! The Commonwealth forces stormed Sword Beach and left smoldering ruins in their wake! Smoke Grenades will do that sometimes. No one was injured but we did lose one Styrofoam bunker. They just played around it. Everything was going as planned, even with some of the most common complaints, tanks overshooting, players out of bounds, playing on hits, shooting hot. We had good radio coverage with the ref staff, so when something came up on the command radio, it was handled quickly. Hot shooting was easy to manage...we'd been field chronoing all week. Honor tag numbers were being collected, objectives were scored. The Allies were a dominate force on the field again this year. Early on I could see that the Germans were struggling. After pulling in Andy and Beatle...we came up with a plan to ensure the game went on until 5 pm, as scheduled. Around 2 pm the Allies, already holding half of Colleville, pulled back to Pegasus Bridge and would still hold the Valley. The Germans took the Airport and Colleville and the game went on. By 6 pm we had the final score posted although it was pretty clear to everyone the Allies kicked some serious tail this year. Overall, this year was intense! This was one of the most challenging things I've ever done. There are so many people that make this event successful. My referee staff this year was a huge part of those people! I have to thank Beatle and Andy for sticking with me throughout the week. Another big thanks goes to Dewayne and Ed for seeing this in me in the first place. I'll definitely be back next year! See you on the field.