PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 110

Day 1 everyone up again. Overall it worked out well. Caen is always a fun area to play and from a ref perspective, a great place to get into the middle of a gun fight. Everyone won this game. It was super fun for everyone that played! Day 2 Bridges and Bangalore was scheduled for Tuesday in the Valley but was changed to a Colleville/Airport game Monday night. This was changed due to logistics and safety, as we were expecting 400 to 600 players. The Airport had been remodeled two weeks prior and was an easy decision to make. This game was overseen by myself but run by one of my most seasoned Purple Shirts, Steven "Red" Carden. Red took charge of this game and made things happen. Monday started the week off with the Battle of Stalingrad. The players were divided as equally as possible and we marched to Caen to kick things off. Although we started on time, we still had players walking on, making the field Allied heavy. About an hour into the game it was obvious that things were out of balance, so we took a short break and split "The Russians saved the Crimea area from the Germans this time, but who Again... everyone that played Day 3 knows what will happen the next time these forces face each other at another this game was a winner! One of the coolest things about The V-2 Rocket. If you weren't MPP game at Beargame, you on the field for this Claw most scenario paintball players is that they love the game so much, they really don't care what side they play for, as long as they are able to get into the thick of things. This game had all of those qualities. By the end of the game, every structure on the field was purple. totally missed out on some awesome paintball. Four players were chosen from each side as "code breakers" and were the only players that could activate the launch of the rocket. Their mission was to find the key code box, connect the cable to the truck, enter the correct code on the key pad and "launch" the V-2...all while not getting shot from the opposing side. This German vs. Allied game was heated from the