PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 109

also covered the Tank Rules. Over all, we trained all of our referees (40-plus) in a class room setting. Everyone, including Dewayne, was excited about the turn out and the coverage. We could tell early on that this was going to be a great year. June was upon us before we knew it and although we had plans in place for work details throughout the year, most fell through. The week prior to D-Day several staff members volunteered to come out and begin setting up Dead Zones. Getting a head start on that task really helped and by Sunday we had a handle on most of the Dead Zone netting. We still had Utah and Sword Beach to build during the week - before, during and after the games, the game staff was working until dark and after to get things accomplished before Saturday, almost every night. grounds to pull an honor tag. On the second offense, you will be expelled from the event. Two (2) strikes and you’re out!" Each set of tags were numbered and after checking in at registration, this number became your registration number. Each honor pull during the week could be traced back to the actual player and/or team. Results of the honor tag pulls were given to the Commanders on both sides for review. Also in October we started looking at different organizations to help staff the event. Several organizations were considered, but ultimately we spent much of March, April and May doing last minute recruiting. Our first Referee Training and orientation class was in April. This was the first time DDAP had done anything like this. Both new and veteran refs were required to attend, regardless of how long you had refereed D-Day. This 3 1/2 hour class covered all sections of the D-Day Game Rules and included a tour of the park, for those who had never been onsite. This was followed up by a 2nd class in May that