PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 108

Not to fool you, this is about more than 6 days. As the 2012 Game Coordinator, my D-Day week started in September 2011 with a meeting at the Bunker with Dewayne Convirs and Ed Covey. They presented an opportunity for me to take over the Game Coordinator position and run the event for the 15th anniversary. One of my primary goals for this year was to ensure that the referees were all on the same page. However, before we could set up a training program, we had to recruit the refs. We had a difficult time at first, and after careful consideration, went with some fresh new faces. I'll touch more on that shortly. There were a lot of other things between September and June. The October staff meeting during Red Dawn was certainly an eye opener for me. Being the "new guy" didn't stop the player chain of commands from unleashing a whirlwind of 2011 complaints and opinions in my direction. For the most part, it wasn't too bad. I followed up on their concerns with Ed Covey the next week and several changes were made as a result. Some of those changes were: Some Changes "NOTE: These areas will remain exactly as D.D.A.P. has constructed them and no alterations of any kind will be allowed for any reason! 1. The Colleville Church must remain exactly the way you find it with no exceptions. 2. Colleville Church must be played as if it has a ROOF! NO GRENADES will count unless coming through a window or from inside. Windows are not to be blocked unless done so by D.D.A.P. game staff. 3. The Colleville Strip Malls North and South 4. Caen and Sword beach Styrofoam structures are not be altered or taken away from during play. 5. Omaha Beach Landing Craft and Dead zone Battle Ship must remain as found." We also introduced the Honor Tag concept during this meeting. This was well received, and in my opinion, one of the best things we've done for the game in years. Dog Tags "Players will