Paintball Magazine Premier Issue, May 2015 - Page 58

An Interview With Fabian Gruetze By John Amodea In the United States there are a handful of amazing paintball big games/scenario games. Oklahoma D-Day, Living Legends, Fulda Gap and the SuperGame are some of the best games the U.S. has to offer. But across the pond there are also a number of legendary big games, not the least of which is the EuroBigGame, held in Germany. I recently cause up with Fanbian Gruetze to learn a bit more about the game. Don’t forget to check back here next month for full coverage of the EuroBigGame. Fabian, what is the history of the EuroBigGame? How long has the event been running? What are the origins? Etc. The event started as a gathering of some paintball playing friends in 1996. 1997 was the first “official” EuroBigGame with a stunning –for that time- 80 participants. Due to problems with German authorities, who did not like the 058 paintball magazine military character of the game, the event was held in France. It remained there until 2004 and reached a peak of 1000 players. Finally, the decision was made to move the event to Germany. A field was found in Mahlwinkel in a former Soviet air base, and fortunately the locals were very open-minded about paintball. It was there when we first introduced armed vehicles to the game and the EuroBigGame cracked the magical number of 2000 participants. Unfortunately, the field was closed a few years later, so the EuroBigGame had to move on to another former military base in Falkenhagen, near the border to Poland. But that was merely a short visit, very quickly the decision was made to move back to Mahlwinkel and use a different, way bigger part of the same soviet site as before. And here we are now, with an exciting field, a huge camping and party site, real tanks and the history that still is noticeable between all the buildings and hangars.