Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 93

Then there’s the facemask’s air flow and communication features. Bunkerkings said they designed their goggle to improve air flow and communication and best we can tell, they nailed it. Breathing is easy while wearing the mask and air flows easily in, up and through, meaning that the warm humid breath the player exhales will move quickly away, helping the mask fight off fog. We definitely noticed that speaking to others and hearing others when they spoke was not distorted while wearing the CMD and communication is key once the paint is flying. Bottom line? This isn’t just a mask that will keep paintballs from hitting a player in the face, eyes or ears. They’d better all do that. The Bunkerkings CMD goggle system provides its wearer with comfortable, unique style, fog-free performance and improved communication while playing paintball – all the things it’s advertised to do, and as such it has earned its place among the very best high-performance goggle systems available for the game of paintball. 093