Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 92

What makes the CMD different is its focus on improving the wearer’s ability to keep dry air flowing through the goggle to ensure resistance to fogging while enabling better breathing, and improving the wearer’s ability to both speak to and hear other players while wearing the mask. The soft, flexible facemask that, while it looks a bit busy with its multi-directional lines and cuts, has been designed to allow air to flow through while reducing echo while shouting and distortion while listening. The goggle also offers a small “Microvisor” that helps reduce glare and even helps protect the lens from scratches when a player lays it down on a table in a tournament pit. Finally, the goggle strap has been enlarged to ensure comfort and safety, and the face foam is soft, comfortable and interchangeable. While it all looks good on paper, all that truly matters is how it performs. 092 magazine Once out of the box, the Bunkerkings Command goggle impresses. Its facemask is soft and malleable, able to encourage a bounce here and there, and while the goggle offers a tight profile, the mask is large enough that a bigger or stocky player can still wear it and enjoy cheek and jawline protection. The mask’s face foam is plush and comfortable, great for long days at the field grinding through point after point, or for serious scenario players who may very well have the mask on for hours at a time. The enlarged goggle strap will certainly be a help here as well. During testing, the CMD mask did not fog at any time even when worn for extended periods of time in warm, humid air. While no mask can guarantee that it will never fog, players can confidently expect their CMD goggle to hold up well to the elements from hot humid weather to chilly days at the field, while the Micro visor will certainly help keep a few raindrops out of the mask and off the lens.