Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 83

inspiration from paintball. I returned to something that worked well. The goal of the sport in 2016 and all I wanted to do at the NPL is to create a successful sports the time was play for a D4 team. league that can bridge the gap between the paintball world and the world at JA: What’s the vision for the NPL? large. We want to turn the player into a superstar again. To do so, we needed to The NPL is only one small part of a much build a brand-friendly sports experience larger company. NPL Advanced Media from the ground up. (NPLAM) is a technology and media startup that’s been built around the sport The world has changed since paintball of paintball. We’re developing a series last made a concerted effort to break of products that will be deployed over through. I feel like we’re due for another the coming weeks. attempt. is the beginning of a premier streaming platform specifically for paintball, we’ve JA: Do you have dates and locations for already delivered 800hrs of paintball any 2019 events yet this year? video. is our new fantasy and chat product which should be in We did announce a 3-event series in testing as soon as NXL Vegas. December. Budgets are tighter this season and there are more events to play We’re rebuilding the media landscape than ever before. Teams were struggling from the ground up and working with to do a 3-event series. Rather than cancel leagues around the world to lift viewership the season, we’ve shifted the model of and augment their experience. the NPL away from a traditional season to a touring product. Teams are free to The NPL itself has been built to bring cycle in and out as each event is held the sport back to a “hockey-style” X-Ball independently. We’re now looking to only format that’s easier for audiences to schedule a playtest and NPL1 this year digest. I felt paintball evolved right past with a standby date for NPL2. 083