Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 44

Then there’s the ICPL – classic paintball brought to you by the National XBall League. For 2019 the league has released two dates, one at the legendary Badlandz Paintball field outside Chicago, Illinois, home of Aftershock, and another in Orlando in June with more information to be announced. Professional teams in the division include some of the usual suspects with a few surprises, including Aftershock, the Master Blasters, the Misfits, Fox4 Darkside, Fight Club, the Saberwolves, the (like, THE Ironmen), Scottsdale Elevation, Infamous, Adrenalin, Northwest Rogue, Desert Edge and the Royal City Seadogs, with several more teams to be announced. With all these, as well as a few more mechanical and throwback events to look forward to in 2019, it looks to be an amazing time to be back in the game for players who miss the glory days, those who love woodsball and hyperball (and of course mounds), and anyone who loves to shoot it out with legends on amazing fields at low rates of fire. However, the question now becomes which events will survive and which will fall by the wayside as over-saturation of the format begins to look like a possibility. One thing is for sure though, 5.5bps and mechanical paintball is back and here to stay, and the Autocockers, GOG markers, Shockers, Eclipse GMek and EMek markers and Automags are ready for action! 044 magazine