Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 43

Mechanical Paintball We’re leading off with the Iron City Classic because let’s face it, is there a hotter ticket in town right now? Actually you can’t get a ticket to the ICC for 2019 because it sold out in record time! With 54 open slots for ten-man at the ancestral home of mounds play in the NPPL, Urban Assault outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, registration opened and then promptly closed again a scant twenty minutes later with every spot spoken for! Teams were literally trying to give the promoters money and were turned away, but that wasn’t good enough for event creator and promoter Tim Montressor, who promptly did some planning, scouting (and hopefully praying) before opening up the event to 72. Where he’s going to put them is anyone’s guess but the event has been amazing for two seasons and everyone loves it and is willing to do their part to help it grow and be successful. We certainly wish him the best and can’t wait to see what the 2019 installment has in store on the woods, mounds and hyperball fields of Pennsylvania! The ICC isn’t the only major mechanical event on the 2019 calendar. With the rapid resurgence of “feel good” paintball, that’s what we’re calling it because that’s what it is, events have begun popping up all over the place to support 5.5bps electronic and mechanical paintball in both ten and now even seven-man formats! West Coast Classic Paintball will return for 2019 with the rapidly approaching Surf Cities Classic in Alpine in April, with both five and ten-man competitions, and then follow with a repeat of their Bay Cities Classic later in the season. Back out east, the Mid-Atlantic Classic will return for its second season at OXCC Paintball with ten-man play on woods, mounds and hyperball fields, while the seven-man Mechanical Masters brought to you by Will Arroyo and Jonathan Rullan is slated for play at Cousins in April! 043