Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 25

Euro Big Game Mahlwinkel Air Base, located about 90 minutes from Berlin, Germany and just a few hours’ drive from Poland and the Czech Republic, was once home to one of the Russian Mi-24 helicopter fleets during the Cold War. It was the main airport that the Soviets used to refuel their bombers to attack NATO forces and to provide their troops with all the necessities to battle Western Europe. And now it’s home to one of the biggest paintball games in Europe. You look around and see 2,000-plus people ready to do battle for four days. This is the Euro BigGame. This is one of the most amazing games, set on the most amazing backdrop and this is why you need to play this game at least once in your lifetime. And when you can find a few hours you may want to take a ride or even drive a real former battle-tested Soviet tank yourself. And if none of this sounds amazing (why?) you may also want to know that this game has been running annually for 20 years and in addition to the great paintball play, there’s great camping (with showers, restrooms), a shuttle to move players about the property, there’s live music, a ton of parties and a great trade show. 025