Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 22

Super Game Series For years the Supergame has been a staple of of the big game and scenario scene on the west coast and in the Pacific Northwest, drawing thousands of players to the Sniperz Den for amazing and intense, unique battles. More recently, the Supergame East was promoted by OXCC Paintball on the Maryland/Delaware border, and began to garner a following due to the simple and fun format of the game and host park’s outstanding playing field. For 2019, the Supergame has become a series presented by G.I. Sportz with games on both coasts and a new game added a bit closer to the middle of the country. The festivities will kick off with the original Supergame at Sniperz Den in Oregon in early May, before heading to the remarkable Sherwood Forest playing field in LaPorte, Indiana. Finally, the east coast will get their Supergame back at OXCC in August. With fun games hosted by impressive host facilities offering unique and amazing playing experiences, the Supergame Series for 2019 looks to be a great addition to any paintball player’s calendar! 022 magazine