Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 103

Zac Arbuckle, Photographer Zac Arbuckle, founder of Inspire Photography is a paintball player turned photographer and a key cog at Paintball.Media. Never afraid to get into the hottest spots on the field, you can feel the game’s intensity in Zac’s images. Based out of the upper Midwest, you can find him at games like Living Legends, Red Strike, World at War and many others. Michael Bell, Writer, Photographer Michael started playing paintball in 2000 in Illinois, when a friend invited him to play. The paintball bug took hold and he began to get into scenario games. In 2004, he wrote and directed his first scenario game. In 2005, after moving to Tennessee, he joined Ghost Squad Scenario Paintball team, and started writing paintball related articles. Today, Michael is a member of the Bounty Hunters Paintball Team and continues to write and looks forward to producing more scenario games. Steve Turnbull, Writer, Photographer Steve started playing paintball in 1988 at Operation Paintball Hexham in the U.K. He played alongside and against some of the best teams on the European circuit in the 1990s. A severe knee injury ended Steve’s tournament playing days and he has since taken up photography. After graduating from Dumfries College in 2014 and gaining a qualification in Photography, Steve has been shooting and writing for PaintballX3 Magazine and now Paintball.Media. 0103