Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 102

PART III Brenda Seefeldt, Associate Publisher (magazine) Brenda has been involved in paintball for 20 years. As owner and co-founder of Paintball X3, Brenda served as the magazine’s Publisher and she continues in that role with Paintball.Media. Brenda is a published writer in her own field of work, but her greatest contribution to the Paintball.Media team is creativity and “director of brainstorming.” Gary Baum, Photographer Gary has been around the game of paintball for nearly three decades as a player and photographer. He is the most published photographer in the history of the game, covering tournaments, scenario events and magfed games worldwide for more than 15 years. He’s also the first photographer to introduce aerial photography to paintball. Gary’s work can be seen in literally every online and printed paintball magazine in the world. Gary is the owner of and is the media liaison for the National Xball League. David Stufflebeam, Photographer David Stufflebeam is a freelance photographer from Long Island, New York. He is the owner of He got his start in photography in 2009, taking photos at local sporting events and quickly developed an interest in professional photography. In 2012 He took his skills to the paintball field with a lot of success and is one of the top photographers today. Dave is always on the hunt for the perfect shot and looking to advance his skills. You can also spot him off the field shooting Hockey, Soccer, Wrestling and Concerts. 0102 magazine