Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 100

THE team John Amodea, Editor, Media Director John played his first game of paintball in 1985, opened a field in 1989, started his first paintball magazine in 1991, played on professional team Bad Company, promoted early NPPL events, is a two time scenario general and was one of the original ASTM Paintball subcommittee members. John’s “Survival Guide” tech manuals sold more than 100,000 copies and he is the most published paintball writer in the history of the game. Born and raised in New York City, John moved to the Washington DC area in 1989 and still lives there today. He spends his rare spare time writing and recording music in his home recording studio. Josh Silverman, Feature writer Originally from and still living in Northern Virginia, Josh spent several years living and working in the Carolinas where he helped run businesses like the CFOA Tournament series at the height of its popularity and Adventure Beach Paintball. Josh got his start in paintball journalism with PCRI, Paintball News and Action Pursuit Games magazine in the mid-nineties before being hired by Crossfire Paintball Magazine. Josh’s first editorial position was as Assistant Editor with Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine where he worked until accepting a position as Associate Editor of England’s famed Paintball Games International Magazine, or PGi where he worked for several years. Josh has also written or contributed photography to Facefull Magazine, Splat magazine and Paintball Sports Magazine, and worked in marketing and Public Relations for such companies as Stiffi barrels, Pinokio Hoppers, DraXxuS, Tippmann and G.I. Sportz. A player of the game of paintball since 1993, Josh and his wife Jennifer continue to play the game today when they aren’t shooting firearms or fishing. 0100 magazine