Paintball Magazine Paintball Magazine March 2019 Issue - Page 10

NEW product Virtue Goggles SPOTLIGHT Virtue continues to expand their impressive and feature-packed line of Vio goggles with more new models to appeal to every shape, size and style of player on the modern field! The Virtue Vio Contour II, with its slate colorways, soft, flexible mask, foam ProPad goggle strap and enhanced earpads are a great choice for a player looking for one of the best goggles in the game, while the Vio XS II is now available in a sharp looking camo pattern that you’d better appreciate in the staging area, because you won’t see it again once it hits the treeline! Finally, there’s the Vio Extend II, with its larger facemask, offering players increased protection. Packed with features and offering an ideal setup to suit just about anyone, the Vio line is a great place to start for any player looking for a new goggle system! See the entire Vio collection online at