Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 94

As in most cases it is an onslaught of paint from every direction and few objectives in the middle. Mission Masters comes with a different ending to the story. Missions at Final Battle, as you probably could have guessed, makes for a much different onslaught. What other situation at Sherwood could you think to have a final battle other than that coveted castle! When you dig, push and fight your way in, up that second level, crawling to duck balls raining down on you, and you finally gain entry to the third level then ring that bell to assert your dominance over the world. That castle, Sherwood’s castle is now your castle! As the day had gone, Orange team had asserted its might all over the field but the Final Battle proved different. The Marine commander decided it was close enough to let everyone fight for their own. Let victory go to the team that deserved it. So it was as it had begun, every team for themselves. With Yellow and Red posted at the front in opposite sides and Blue having the backside it was once again off to the races. Objectives were to plant your bomb in the middle of the castle and deposit bones in areas around. Predators took the castle early but weren’t able to establish good defensive positions in time. With Marines clearing out the forces up front and Aliens picking them off from the backside of the castle the Predators weren’t able to hang on. Eventually, Blue took the Castle from Red. Objectives were the focus for the Yellow team, trying to deposit their bones in the three different areas, shield run after shield run, sacrificing body after body they were able to score two of the three bone deposits. In one solid, forceful effort moving to add their bomb to Red and Blue’s only to come up mere feet short. It seemed like and was that Blue would not be driven out of the castle and not have their glory stolen! As all good things go, this game had come to an end. It had some of the greatest firefights, it took every effort from every player and it was absolutely fun! Most thought that the only thing left was to award the standouts of 094 magazine the game and the final score, that was until they started dodging and catching prizes from Sherwood, their vendors and delicious Papa John’s dessert cookies provided by Narf. It is amazing to see how the paintball community steps up to support the youth. This game was yet another addition to the rich story that is growing our sport. Painting the World representative Mary Burkhard was on hand to collect any donations of gear from players and to eventually get them into kids’ hands. In a true show of sportsmanship much of the new gear that was awarded as prizes was donated to PTW. Painting the World, One Kid at a Time is an organization that receives donated used/new gear and finds kids that need it and will use it. As awards go some really great players and teams were recognized for their efforts but one specific young gun seems to stand out game after game. If you’ve played against or with Silent But Deadly paintball team then you know their young warrior Levi Laymon. This young man time after time is seen in the front lines in firefights or even in sacrifice moves to advance his team. His attitude and tenacity are worth notice and respect. It’s rare to find adults with that much fight and ability, so all hats off in respect to this Young Gun and nothing but the best as he continues his paintball career. The prizes were doled out, the honorable were honored and the time for victory was at hand. Three savage teams, two days of physical scenario ball and mission after mission had come down to this. Aliens had asserted their dominance the entire first day, they had shown that they were at the top of the food chain and not mere trophy hunts. The game had gone much the way the movie had til the end. This was the Aliens’ day, this was their game as they took the castle and took home the win! Congratulations to James Riffey and Gypsy Danger Paintball Team on your victory! If you haven’t attended one of the Mission Masters’ games before then come to one next year so you can have your chance to Be The Game.