Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 92

The battle started off with a race to the octagon, aptly named for its eight sides, it is a two story tower with plenty of protection both inside and in the surrounding area. Near the center of the field and virtually standalone it becomes quite the attraction. Humans occupied the octagon. Humans for rescue, humans for taking or humans for incubation, that was up to one of the three teams to decide. The Predators and the Marines ended up in a fierce contention for ground as the Aliens seemed to swoop in and take the much sought after points. Effectively turning the humans into alien baby-making factories. This is exactly how most of Day One unfolded according to the Mission Masters team. They would watch Red and Yellow war with each other as Blue continued to gobble up all the points. Missions went to the Church and Graveyard, control of both buildings was absolutely necessary to relay messages between satellites, to a nearly 50-foot-tall mound of dirt for a king of the mountain excursion with points on top for the victor! All day was the same story as Predators and Marines would continue to pound on each other and allow Aliens to sneak out a sizable lead, much like the AvP movie. Beaten and battered, but undeterred, at the end of the day, Red and Yellow walked off the field behind Blue in points. The score for Day One was 111 (Aliens) - 46 (Predators) - 33 (Marines). Whether it be by coincidence or by intervention it is always interesting to watch the universe unfold. Some had predicted the events to come and some even dreaded what may happen on the Second Day, but absolutely no one could stop it. Between the first and second day an alliance arose, an unholy alliance. Anyone who has seen the movie, if you haven’t then enjoy the spoiler, knows that the Humans eventually join forces with the Predators to eradicate the 092 magazine Aliens. As such Red and Yellow combined, in what some called the Orange team, to take down the Blue horde. With two missions and a Final Battle left it was conceivable to overtake the Aliens. The combined forces stopped the Blue team at every angle, allowing them to gain only minimal points and hardly any territory. The unholy alliance met in the middle, in what most thought would be another 2-sided contest, to turn their attention on the Aliens and drive them back to their base. Within 2 missions they had successfully brought the Predators to within 30 points of the Aliens. After two of the greatest firefights of the weekend and fierce action a new dawn had risen. Final Battle could potentially crown a victory other than the Aliens. One of Dean Allen’s, creator of Mission Masters, biggest pride points is their Props. Props can make or break a scenario game. It goes along with the Be The Game mission statement that the MM team lives by. How better to immerse yourself in different universes than props. A new toy that MM brought out for this three team event was a flip triangular pyramid as opposed to a two- sided disc, allowing all three teams to display ownership of a territory. Simply make sure your team’s colored tip is up at the ending horn and you score. To go along with the theme of this event there special handcrafted weapons, AVP hieroglyph puzzle, a predator mask, multiple handcrafted “face huggers” and even a life size Alien replica. Every one of their themed games has new and specific props to match the theme. The best part is that they are never done creating more props, more ways to enhance the scenario experience. Final Battles are usually the epitome of ancient war. One side meets another at the middle of the field and they duel to the death or ‘til you’re out of paint.