Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 9

Empire Grind Pants The latest pant from Empire, sponsor of such pro teams as Edmonton Impact, AC: Dallas and PC Katana, are their Grind model, that take paintball pants in a different direction than many are accustomed to. Whereas for years paintball pants added features and were constructed of various materials to increase durability, Empire’s latest Grind pants are simplistic, minimalistic, lightweight and comfortable, all without sacrificing performance or durability! Front slash and squeegee pockets are provided and thanks to their lightweight construction and mesh ventilation, these pants are some of the most comfortable a player can choose to play the game, whether sprinting, diving and sliding on turf or creeping through the woods! ARMSON Max-Duty OEG Red Dot Sight Anyone who’s been around paintball for more than five minutes knows Armson has been involved in the game for decades offering their unique OEG red-dot sights, originally to players on the pro-level and now to the tactical community, but many may not realize that Armson’s never stopped innovating and new versions of their sights are available! One of Armson’s newest versions of their Occluded-Eye Gunsights, which require no batteries to put a red dot on a target thanks to the mind’s ability to merge two images together, is their Max-Duty with an updated Picatinny mount. Ideal for paintball thanks to its ability to resist the impacts that would break cheaper sights and crack or shatter glass, Armson’s aluminum construction, with no glass to crack or fog and no batteries to die or change, offer world- class performance good enough for law enforcement and military shooters. 09