Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 89

Sherwood Forest Paintball is a field that transports people to a scenario baller’s dreamscape. Built with bunkers, buildings, towers and a castle looking like they were once owned by Robin Hood himself, Sherwood Forest is like playing in a movie. Joe and Kathy, owners and operators put all their time and effort into giving their players the best experience. They provide an exuberant amount of staging, camping and parking. Even the closed off air system makes for more peaceful surroundings. In addition to their accommodating facilities and dream field they also provided both Valken and GI paint with representatives on site. With all the buildup and recruiting coming into this game the excitement was palpable, but something else lingered in the air. The MM team does a masterful job at advertising and campaigning for their games but question and curiosity had gripped everyone. How exactly was a three team game going to work? Speculation writhed thru the masses all the way up to gameday morning. Greetings, dinners and celebrations of friends reconnecting were all in the night past. This was gameday, this was paintball, this was war! The celebrated recreation of this box office hit had finally come to light, questions were going to be answered and glory doled out to the most fitting! It was Aliens (Blue) vs. Predators (Red) vs. Marines (Yellow). The commanders were James Riffey of the Gypsy Danger Paintball Team (Aliens), Bryan Gomez of Splat City Assault and Dan “Nexus” Albin of the Backwoods Banshees. No allies, no factions, just one versus two, a Bermuda triangle of paint. Warriors alike were stocked with paint and air, missions in hand and awaiting that starting horn! 089