Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 84

Photo By Gary Baum What do you get when you mix Mission Masters’ Scenario games with Sherwood Forest Paintball? One of the most exciting paintball events in the game. When you throw in three fierce commanders it is total carnage! September 22nd launched Aliens vs. Predators: Total Carnage at Sherwood Forest Paintball in Laporte, IN. This third installment of Mission Masters’ Scenario Games at Sherwood gave players a unique experience in field layout, eccentric mission designs and facing two other teams, both in equal numbers as your team. The design of this game and challenges within are pleasant enough having the normal amount of targets, double the fun with double the targets! Mission Masters (MM) is a unique Scenario game design. Like most mission-based games you must complete a variety of challenges to gain points, but the MM team likes to add a load of twists to that basic 084 magazine platform. They do not run a continuous game, they run timed missions generally giving the teams 50 minutes to complete their complex menu of challenges. After the time is up teams have 50 minutes to exit the field, refuel and brief for the next set of tasks. The benefits of this format is in the readiness of the teams, as new missions start every team is locked and loaded. The MM team also prefers to section off the field. As in where most games utilize the entire field, they only use a portion at a time. Although this seems constricting, it actually makes for more action packed and consistent firefights. The heart and soul of a Mission Masters’ game is in the Missions themselves, hence the namesake. The complexity of the tasks, the detail-oriented props and in depth storyline are what makes these events a true experience. The MM team truly gives the players a rare opportunity to Be The Game!