Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 8

NEW product SPOTLIGHT Infamous Eclipse CS2 Custom team paintball guns were once the stuff of legend. From the original Predator Autococker to custom-cut and carved Ironmen Angels, XSV team Egos and Dynasty Shockers of their runs to the top of the professional division, custom-cut metal and special anodizing were the privilege of top-level paintball teams. When paintball contracted in 2008 such niceties took a little time off with a few exceptions, with custom graphic anodizing somewhat taking over but this never felt quite the same. Now, custom-cut metal on a high-end, exclusive marker has returned in a big way with the Infamous Eclipse CS2 marker, that combines custom machining with custom anodizing to create a truly special, unique marker that offers beauty and world-class performance. A lightweight, accurate, smooth, quiet and efficient marker with a list of features too long to list here, the CS2 sits atop the Planet Eclipse line and is used by numerous top professional teams, and the Infamous model is a remarkable addition to the series that will turn heads on and off the field for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on one. Tippmann TMC Air- Through Stock After the release of their newest magazine-fed marker to the ever- growing world of mag-fed paintball, customers spoke and now the company has listened! To-date, everyone seems to love the Tippmann TMC, an affordable, feature-rich carbine that’s made mag-fed paintball much more accessible, but the option to only run the marker with an air bottle threaded into a bottle adapter at the bottom of its pistol grip wasn’t ideal for many users, who asked for an air-through stock option. Now, Tippmann has responded and users can install an adjustable M4-style stock to the rear of their TMC that will hold a small compressed air bottle. Tippmann’s TMC Air-Through stock adds versatility and realistic handling to an already-excellent mag-fed carbine. 08 magazine