Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 79

Shocker CVO After the success of the GOG eNMEy since the resurgence of mechanical paintball, the GOG/Shocker/Luxe family shifted into another gear with the recent introduction of their high-end mechanical marker, the Shocker CVO. Available as a complete paintball marker or as a replacement conversion grip kit for the electronic Shocker line, the CVO takes an already pro- tournament-ready marker used by the likes of Seattle Thunder and swaps the double trigger and electronics for a sleek, smooth single mechanical grip frame that creates an extremely impressive paintball gun. Cut from aluminum and anodized gorgeously, the CVO’s trigger pull is, for a mechanical marker, a delight that allows most players who take the time to get used to the setup to approach and clear ten shots per second consistently, while the spool valve design contributes its excellent inherent accuracy, consistency and easy of maintenance. Standard with hose- free air routing, a clamping vertical feed neck, a legendary spiral-ported barrel and an on/off air adapter, the CVO sits at the current pinnacle of modern mechanical paintball gun design and technology and it has been picked up by numerous serious mechanical players from teams like the Shocktech Gunfighters, All Americans and Gridlock. For players on the hunt for a truly high-end mechanical experience who might not be in the market for an Autococker, the CVO may be the ideal choice. Website – MSRP - $799 079