Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 78

New Autocockers With the resurgence of mechanical paintball play has come with it the resurgence of its most legendary paintball gun platform, the Autococker. New models are being reborn left and right from manufacturers whose names are written into paintball history, including Freeflow, Meteor, Inception, Shocktech and SuperCocker! These new markers have taken everything master gunsmiths have learned from years, now decades, of paintball gun design, manufacture and competition and merged them into amazing new Autococker platforms like Inceptions’ Retro FLE, Sleeper, Hornet and of course the new Predator Autococker, new Freeflow Boxer and Millennium markers, Meteor Autocockers and the 2020 Supercocker. In most cases, these amazing markers are custom-made to order and hand-assembled from exclusive components and parts, often custom- 078 magazine anodized and are limited-run specials making them functioning pieces of paintball artwork. While these thousand-plus-dollar specials certainly aren’t for everyone, they are able to pull at the heartstrings of players who were around for the legendary times in paintball when Autocockers battled Automags to rule the NPPL ten-man division in the nineties. Websites MSRP – Varies