Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 77

Renaissance on, There Have Never Been More or Better Choices! discovered the joy of “old school” mechanical paintball markers and the styles of play en-man tournament competition with money on the line, electronic markers are being all the rage. With the resurgence of mechanical paintball and a rejoining of the ranks ome an armory of new mechanical paintball guns along with a love for and respect of echanically-inclined players have never been better! giving recreational players a marker than can punch well above its weight and serious tournament players all the gun they need to compete and win! A spool-valve core with a glass reinforced nylon body wrapped around it, the EMek is standard with a pivoting single trigger, hose-free air design, Autococker- threaded barrel and clamping feed neck. With the addition of an upgraded barrel and a motorized loader able to keep up with this quick-firing little beast, players at the entry to mid-level have more marker in their hands than they could have possibly imagined just a few short months ago, while serious players will have plenty of gun to stand toe-to-toe with even the most expensive paintball guns money can buy! Website – MSRP - $219 Order The Print Mag Online www.Paintball.Media EMPIRE RESURRECTION While it’s been on the market for some time now, the Empire Resurrection Autococker bears mentioning as it has soldiered on as a reimagining of the legendary Autococker for a new generation of players. Equipped with a vertical clamping feed neck, Empire barrel kit in (big surprise) Autococker threads, a vertical in-line regulator, Delrin quick-strip bolt, .45 grip frame with a responsive trigger to help players new to the platform prevent short-stroking and chopped paint, for players looking to take their mechanical paintball all the way back to the Autococker, but with a new platform, the Resurrection may be an ideal and affordable choice especially when compared to other new Autococker designs that, while amazing, cost hundreds more. Website – MSRP - $549 077