Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 76

A Mechanical For Players Enjoying Paintball’s Mechanical Revolutio By Joshua D. Silverman Paintball’s newest trend is as much a look backwards as forwards, as players have red that come with them! From recreational paintball and big games to serious five and te turned all the way down to five shots per second and mechanical paintball guns are a of a legion of paintball players from the sport’s glory days of the late nineties through the early twenty-first century have co the guns used to win in the early days of ten-man paintball and marker choices for me try mechanical paintball all they need to fall in love with the format. Players looking for their first mechanical paintball gun or for an affordable way to shoot it out with friends on a budget really should start with GOG and their core product, the eNMEy marker! Website – MSRP - $149 GOG eNMEy The mechanical marker that started paintball down the road to mechanical revolution several years ago is GOG’s eNMEy, a simple, affordable yet solid spool-valve marker that has proven itself more than capable of handling everything from field-rental duty up to and including national-level tournament competition in the hands of some of the most famous players in the game. Standard with a single trigger, vertical inline regulator, Shocker/Luxe threaded barrels and a basic clamping feed neck, the eNMEy has soldiered on for several years since its release needing little more than a barrel kit and a decent motorized loader to offer players looking to 076 magazine ECLIPSE EMek The newest mechanical kid on the block hails from a now-legendary name in paintball marker design and manufacturing, Planet Eclipse. Their new EMek mechanical marker blends high-end performance with affordability in a manner only Eclipse can,