Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 61

As it always does, the Skirmish Invasion of Normandy kicked-off with one of the most incredible events in paintball, the beach landing. The bag pipes played as the landing craft dropped their ramps, sending thousands of paintball players across waist- high grass on Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah beaches where they were met by a cloud of paintballs fired by the waiting Germans concealed behind berms and bunkers in the nearby tree-line. Dozens of Allied players crowded into bunkers large and small as they tried to force they way across while the Germans poured merciless fire at them. Many players were so mesmerized by the spectacle that rather than shoot back, they pulled their cell phones from their pockets to take pictures and record video while cameramen roamed the field and drones hovered overhead. By midday Saturday the woods had been opened to play and the German and Allied teams competed to complete missions and capture strategic locations to hang the points needed to win the game on the board. Battles inside the woods raged in the middle of the field while more adventurous players, teams and squads branched off, creeping deep into the Pocono woods over and through streams, through and around thick rhododendron patches and around, or sometimes into, opponents to shoot it out with. Tanks also roamed the battlefield, assisting the ground troops with pushes forward or driving back opposing players to help hold the line. 61