Paintball Magazine November 2018 Issue - Page 32

Gidnet Grin, Consilium Dei Zuerich and Cologne Hurricanes 2 each won their four preliminary round games in Division Three Xball. And these three plus P8Family (three wins, one loss) would make up the top four teams headed to the semifinals. Gidnet Grin and Consilium Dei Zuerich each won their semifinal round games and would square off in the finals. It was a very tough back and forth match but Gidnet Grin would come out on top 3-2 to win in their first ever Division Three NXL Europe event. Much like Gidnet Grin, Dog’s D’Amor 2 entered their first event of the season in Division Four and won the whole thing with a final round win over Lion’s Kidz Martigny. Man Open Division. The European Paintball Federation held its U16 and U19 World Championships in conjunction with the NXL Europe Chantilly Open. Russia swept the two events winning both the U16 and U19. France took second in both and Sweden took first in the U16, while Norway won the U19. Once again GoSports was on hand to livestream the main field all weekend long in Chantilly and once again they did an outstanding job! Great job by the league, the referees, the sponsors and the teams for putting on another amazing show. Rejects beat the Pirates in the finals to Next stop is the NXL’s 2018 final event, the take first place in Division Five, 5-man; And World Cup in Kissimmee, Florida, This is a Breakout Spa 10-man got a final round win “can’t miss” event! over Cryptonomics 10-man to take the Ten 032 magazine