Pageant Platform Premiere Issue - Page 7


One question we get ALOT is "should we get a makeup artist for the pageant or just do our own makeup?"

This is a tricky question with a simple answer, you should do both. Hiring a makeup artist will not only ensure a flawless look the day of the pageant but it will also take something off your plate during a very stressful day. Learning how to do your makeup is vital, even if you hire someone, things happen and they may not be able to attend the pageant and if you are not prepared to do your own makeup you will really be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

There are plenty of makeup artists that teach classes on applying makeup for TV, stage and photography. Call a few salons, they sometimes have classes as well. Contouring is especially important and a learned skill, one you should learn from a professional. Choosing the right colors is also vital, having a color analysis can help you determine your season and what colors are the best choices for you.

Makeup tips

Should you hire a makeup artist for the day of the pageant?