Paddock magazine December 2014 / January 2015 Issue 70 - Page 91

LIFESTYLE luxury goods special By Kipras Sumskas Paddock magazine has a long and proud tradition – the Wishlist. Usually it combines picking out the most interesting, exclusive and luxurious items for the readers with an aesthetic way of presenting them visually. Cutting-edge products created by Formula 1 sponsors or partners are also examined: we tend to capture how the products were influenced by the sport itself. From watches to yachts, from F1-inspired audio systems to expensive limited edition cars, from cufflinks to private jets – it’s all here, making the hearts of Formula 1 people beat faster. Since it’s the end of the year, we at Paddock decided to “pick the ones from the alreadypicked”, so to say, select the best from the best. So here they are – our essential Formula 1 luxury goods of 2014. 070 / December 2014 91