Paddock magazine December 2014 / January 2015 Issue 70 - Page 41

FEATURES Toto Wolff, Executive Director of Mercedes AMG Petronas „Comprehensibility is a key element of successful brand positioning. Everything we do to complicate an event is counterproductive because it reduces the communicability and dilutes the experience“, explains brand expert Frank Dopheide, who thinks the motorsport industry could learn a lot from Hollywood. A key element of any successful blockbuster is the clear identification of heroes and opponents as well as their rituals, recognisable icons and an understandable rule set for the big showdown. This common understanding creates a sense of belonging and identification amongst the fans. But there would be no excitement if the outcome of the story was clear from the start which is why an element of uncertainty is key to the success of every good story, but 070 / December 2014 also of every sporting event. Regulatory bodies put in a great deal of thought to create a ruleset ensuring fairplay but also enhancing excitement to keep the fans interested. But sometimes, these efforts backfire as we could see with F1s double point debacle in Abu Dhabi this year. Natural obstacles, coincidences and accidents are good for the communicative thrill; an artifical rule set isn’t. But the latter is largely the set up of the entire industry. No reason to worry according to Wolff: „We have had one of the most spectacular seasons at all with more overtaking manoevers than ever, so when someone claims it is all too complicated for the fans I would like to know what it is they don’t understand and then we can address it, but I don’t see that being the issue“. 41