Paddock magazine December 2014 / January 2015 Issue 70 - Page 37

COLUMNS Best reaction to Lewis Hamilton's Tweet Best YouTube Video – The Flying Lotus Just a brilliant idea brilliantly executed. To date this Lotus truck jumping over a Lotus F1 car has been seen more than ten million times and rightly so. It’s a sponsor-backed piece of social content that works whether you’re an F1 fan or not. Go watch it again. It’s brilliant. the generosity of a loyal fanbase, but at what cost to their – and indeed the sport’s – credibility. As David Coulthard said, are they just postponing the inevitable. Or is this how teams will be funded from now on. Well, those outside the top four at least. But it was a social campaign which worked, so from a digital marketing point of view a definite winner. Best Fan Art – Infographic Glory Actually, this is far more than fan art. This is a true work of art. It’s Red Bull Racing - 10 Years Of Formula One in a brilliant infographic. If this guy (domsreal) isn’t hired to do something in one of the team’s marketing department by testing next year, there’s no justice in F1. Oh, wait… Best Quote This one has to go to Mr Ecclestone. F1 may not be at the cutting edge when it comes to new fangled technology, but the FOM boss did cause a few sharp intakes of breath with his utterance that: “I’m not interested in tweeting, Facebook or whatever this nonsense is. I tried to find out but in any case I’m too old fashioned. I couldn’t see any value in it.” Perhaps he should ask his daughter. Tamara has 133 thousand Twitter followers.  A shame, as a lot of the sport’s fans are crying out for it. Social media, not advice from his daughter. While the management and the bosses seem to be still wary of this new fangled medium, the fans and the teams are keeping a sense of humour about things and producing some great social content. Long may it continue… Saddest Use of Social Media – Crowdsourcing to Abu Dhabi Well, both sad and a complete innovation to be fair. When Caterham was declared in a financial pickle, the team set about asking fans to help pay their way to race in the final grand prix of the year. There are arguments for both sides, saying this is a bit rich coming from an F1 team, asking their fans to cough up and conversely they did it thanks to 070 / December 2014 David Granger David Granger worked in Formula 1 for eight seasons, launching several social media channels along the way. He now presents the Di gital Café on 37