Paddock magazine December 2014 / January 2015 Issue 70 - Page 36

COLUMNS Social Column The Paddock Social Media Awards 2014 “There’s only one really that manages to combine an absolute love of our sport with a wicked sense of humour and a great turn of phrase.” By David Granger | So… it was a relatively quiet season both on and off the track. The main talking points were how quiet the cars were, which of the Mercedes drivers would triumph, why Sebastian Vettel couldn’t beat his team-mate, why Sebastian Vettel was leaving Red Bull Racing, finding out who would join Alonso at McLaren, which teams were racing, which didn’t have enough cash… so, actually not that quiet at all. And in between the races, all 19 of them, we had the wonderful world of F1 as seen through the social media eyes of teams, drivers, bloggers, sponsors, commentators, pundits and fans to keep us amused. Not that this will have pleased the boss. We also learned in 2014 that Mr Ecclestone is not a massive fan of the digital generation. Doesn’t get it, doesn’t like it, doesn’t want anything to do with it. Anyway, for the rest of the planet it’s provided some good moments, some funny moments and a reminder of some moments we’d rather forget. May we present the unofficial 2014 Formula One Social Media Awards. In no particular order. Best World Title Tweet Lewis Hamilton has always been a prodigious user of social media. Sometimes it got him into trouble (remember when he got a bit sad when Jenson Button de-friended him? Or when he shouldn’t have tweeted McLaren’s telemetry?), but it’s a little more refined these days. A little calmer, much like the man himself. So his brilliant collage of him winning, flag in car 19 years apart gets the gong for best celebration post. Best Reaction to Hamilton Winning the World Title Not sure how the correlation between these two events was made, but this excellent reaction to the new world champion came from @GregScottTV. He somehow managed to make the correlation between the future Mrs Horner and Prince Harry being in the Red Bull Racing garage and Lewis winning the title. 36 No idea, but it’s very funny. Best Revolutionary Innovation – Free Moving Images This year, FOM make its grand entrance into the social media arena. Well… it sort of did. There’s no YouTube channel giving free re-runs of the races (as clever Nascar is doing) but there is official, sanctioned race footage freely available to anyone on the internet. But don’t get too excited, it’s a clip as part of a vote for the best action clip from FIA events in 2014, with Daniel Ricciardo’s race winning pass on Fernando Alonso at Hungary representing F1. So it’s not the opening of the floodgates for social content for F1, rather it’s the first, and surely the only Formula One clip on YouTube. The only one with Bernie Ecclestone’s approval any way. Well, if he knows it’s on there. Best Blog – WTF1 There’s only one really that manages to combine an absolute love of our sport with a wicked sense of humour, a great turn of phrase and – if it all gets too much, a bit too heavy or political you can rely on to burst the bubble of pomposity and cut through the nonsense. Like the (much missed) F1 Red Bulletin there’s respect for motorsport, but a complete intolerance of bullshit. So you get great historic features next to photoshopped images of Pastor Maldonardo as a T-Rex (visit the site, it’s brilliant). Worth a lot more of your time than other sites we could mention.