Pacific Safety Training Calendar Jul-Dec 2016 volume 1 2017 - Page 9

Emergency Preparedness Due to the variety of possible disasters and emergencies, being prepared is a crucial component in the recovery process. Most companies have a disaster plan, but rarely address home preparations. This course is designed to give information and tools vital to the task of disaster preparedness. Learn about common emergencies, how to create evacuation plans and disaster supply kits, as well as getting information on local agencies that help with resources. Contact hours: 2 | Dates: Mar 23 or Jun 20 | Investment: $30 Member / $40 Non-member Fall Protection Awareness HANDS ON Designed for personnel with frequent exposure to fall hazards. Topics include: regulatory overview; guardrails, safety nets, personal fall arrest systems, and other protective systems; inspection, use, and maintenance of person [X]H\]Z\Y[ [Y\H[[ۈZ[[\[ۈ]\\\[X\[\]X[›Y[[\[܈[]˂[ SHԈ\XH H Hє NLX\B۝X\Έ ]\ΈX\ ܈[[\Y[ LMHY[X\ M ۋ[Y[X\[X[ۈ܈H\][\ۂS“ӂ\YۙY܈[]YX[X^HH^Y[^\[HܚXH[ ܈X^HH\Yۘ]YBH[\Y\\H[X[ۈ\][\ۈۈH]K\\H[X\[]YX[Xۚ^BH^\و[[[ܜXH\HY\\Z[[Z^H\H^\ˈX[YN[^\œ[X[ۋ[[][ۋXZ[[[K[[X[ۈو[X[ۈ\[\[Y[X\Z[\ۘ[[\\\[\Y]H]\[[\Y]H[ۚ]ܜ۝YX\ۙ\[ݙ\[ BHوH\][\ۈ[[X[ۈ[ˈ[Y\[[ۈZ[[\[ۜ]H\Y]Hو[X[ۈ\[\˂Y[]ܞH]][ێ[ SHԈ\XH H Hє NLX\B۝X\Έ]\ΈX\ ܈[[\Y[ N Y[X\ Hۋ[Y[X\ܚY[X܂S“ӂ\ٙ\[ۘ[Z[[ܘ[Hݙ\[\X\وYX\][ۋXZ[[[H[YHXXK\X\[[XZ]HH\]H\[][ۈXYH[Y[ΈZY[[\\ ܛ\[X[ۜ˜[\ܛX[HX\HXܛ[[ܛX][ۋ^\\\܈ۙX[[[ۈZ[[[[X[ۘ[Y[܈ H[\] YۈY\\Y܈H[\ ۝X\Έ]\Έ[ NKX MX\ M \ X^H N܈[ [\Y[ MHY[X\ Lۋ[Y[X\ܚY\]܂S“ӂ\X\[[Z[H[YY][^YYH]\Y[][ۜ[[\܈ܚYˈ[Xܜ™[\YH\X\[ZH[X]HHH؜\[[\\[X[Y[YY]HXX\˂Hܘ[Hݙ\[\X\وYH\][ۈ[XZ[[[K[Y[\][[\\Y]H[\XܙY\[XZ[[[KX]\X[[[[Y[][ۜˈH[\] YۈY\\Y܈H[\ ۝X\Έ H]\Έ[ NKX MX\ M \ X^H N܈[ [\Y[ LMHY[X\ LHۋ[Y[X\