Pacific Island Times Vol 3 No. 3 March 2018 - Page 3

WHAT WE HAVE THIS MONTH Our Cover VOL 3 $1.25 GUAM • PALAU CNMI • FSM NO. 3 MARCH 2018 Sicko How do you solve a problem like GMH? The ties that bind Palau and Taiwan FSM With local help, a Chinese company harvests fish in Yap CNMI Ready to discuss self-rule? Our Cover GMH: Troubled and thick with politics 16-17 16-17 Insights Policy Observer: Once again, court says Guamanians can’t vote 6 What’s happening inside prison? Yes & Know: Politics in a small community 7 Live From Saipan: The genesis of the CNMI’s big government 8 The LocaList: Where are the farmers and fishers on Guam? 9 CNMI What Palau can learn from Taiwan 19 21 10 From the Publisher’s Desk Taxpayer bailout 4 Views from The Trench: Commitment may not be easy, but it is necessary Monitoring Pacific fish from up high 11 Around the Pacific Brief Chat: Tim Rohr: Roaring in the culture of silence Education 5 Decolonizing Guam education 12 15 Revisiting the pact with the United States Not Your Average Joe: Is it possible to have a rational debate on guns? The widespread problem 14 China targets Yap fish Gas price looms in Pohnpei Jones Act: Robin Hood in reverse Remembering John Salas 22 24 25 26 Philippines World court probes Duterte 27 Daydream: A march in March: Time’s Up 28 Bookshelf Wolff’s best seller From true life to true art VISIT US LIKE US FOLLOW US 29 29 CONNECT WITH US The Pacific Island Times is a member of Pacific Island News Association 3