Pacific Island Times No. 10 Volume 2 - Page 3

WHAT WE HAVE THIS MONTH Our Cover Insights VOL 2 NO. 10 $1.25 JULY 2017 Brief Chat Speaker Ben jam Don’t light that in Cruz: cig if you’re under 21 When the sun goes down, all road s lead to Pala u Night Market TH E OUTSIDER Arnold “D ave” You either de Davis: spise him or thank him Dave Davis: The Constitution is on his side 16 Tribal autonomy as a fourth option? 17 From the Publisher’s Desk Puerto Rico: a cautionary tale 4 Brief Chat Speaker Benjamin Cruz: A quest for a vice-free island 5 Observer: McCarthy déjà vu 6 Yes & Know: Political card is significant? 7 Not Your Average Joe: Twitterful debate on climate change No climate change impact? Micronesians beg to differ 19 What the Health: Changing attitude toward health 20 8 Jus’ Sayin’: Bring young Palauns back home 21 Views from Palau: Climate change has been around 9 The booming businesses at Palau Night Market 22 Views from the Trench Kids need better educational advice 11 Healthcare When the cost of treatment makes you sick 11-12 Business Butler’s Inc: More than a century in business Exploring Bitcoin payment system at Rev&Tax 14 15 CNMI What happens when CW program ends 23 Philippines The Americans arrive to help a besieged city Daydream: Private secrets are not private on social media 24 25 Around the Pacific New fish species found in Caledonia 26 In Niue, zero unemployment can be a curse 26 PNG’s tribal wars has become more destructive 27 Bookshelf Interview with Arundhati Roy 30 3