OWPG: Media News Bulletin Winter 2019 - Page 18

PETER NALDRETT Below the surface A fter spending a year exploring the subterranean treasures of the United Kingdom, Peter Naldrett sees his new book released on March 7 through Bloomsbury. Days Out Underground contains 50 publicly accessible trips beneath the surface of the Earth – all of them ideal for adventure seekers of all ages. From nuclear bunkers in remote Scotland to tin mines in Cornwall, from cathedral-size potholes in the Yorkshire Dales to the secret wartime lair of Churchill, these trips below the surface of our country tell the story of how our society and landscape has developed over thousands of years. The book is 256 pages long and illustrated throughout with stunning, colour photography. Whether it’s discovering about a mysterious grotto beneath a castle’s maze, delving deep to find coal seams or discovering shelters where a whole town took refuge during the Blitz, there’s more underneath your feet than you realised!