OWPG: Media News Bulletin September 2017 - Page 28

Terry Marsh Loo king backwar ds… and for war ds I t’s been a few years since I completed The Magic of the Scottish Islands, beautifully illustrated by Jon Sparks. But, of late, I’ve had this hankering to check out the islands again…and that’s what I’ve been doing. Although I’ll be returning to the Isle of Skye in October, the great ‘look forward’ is to returning to Shetland in January for Up Helly Aa. Not sure I’ll be able to cope with all the drinking that goes on – allegedly – but I’ll give it a go. Recently published is my collection of travel stories from Australia – Down Under Dreaming, available on Amazon. \ Con tact Terr y email: countrymatters@gmail.com telephone: 01772 321243 mobile: 07766 657421