OWPG: Media News Bulletin September 2017 - Page 15

P aul Sharman is Editor- in-Chief at Fish and Fly Ltd and travels the world and the UK looking for new fishing adventures and species to fish for. He has shared a couple of his summer trips and photographs on the fly fishing magazine site www.fishandfly.com. The first, Fly Fishing for Cumbrian Gold showcases the stunning native brown trout and scenery of the Lake District, while the second, Salmon Fishing Under the Midnight Sun, details an adventure to Finnish Lapland and Finnmark in Norway for Atlantic salmon who are returning to the rivers to spawn. You will find the articles online at www.bit.ly/cumbrian-gold and www.bit.ly/fish-midnightsun. If you have an idea for Paul please get in touch with him via the contact details below. Adventur es By the light of the midnight sun