Ownit Magazine #JULY-AUGUST 2018 - Page 6

Pioneering is Adventure
Dare to fail and do what no one is doing.

Mae Jemison, born in 1956, was the first Afro-American woman to travel in space. That was in 1992. Can you imagine? A woman! A technical mission! And black! Wow! This woman is courageous, doing the one thing no one would have expected her to do. Reading about her, listening to her story, ignites that fire in me to be great. Mae became an engineer and medical physician. She worked for the Peace Corps and later applied for the NASA Astronaut Training Program. When she called the space center to ask for an application form, they laughed. She envisioned going into space as a young girl, and there she was, 35 years old and looking down on her birth town of Chicago. As Mae recites in her video, she felt one with it all. She felt that her existence was of the highest importance, a feeling of true belonging that her being here truly mattered. Isn't that what we are all craving? Jemison physically stepped out of her comfort zone and flew out to space. Most of us will have to be satisfied in choosing a more "earthly" path, to finally see ourselves from a distance, putting things in perspective but also knowing that we are connected to all, and to finally experience that we have a purpose, big or small. I've always had this grand idea that I would make a social impact. I knew I was meant for so much more - as we all are. But, somehow, I lacked the confidence and the knowledge on how to direct the power inside me. Although I was sensitive to judgment for my elusive nature, jumping from one job to another, not sticking to job descriptions or titles, I was enjoying myself, and growing was a basic need, like water. Exploring new terrain, learning new things - in my work, mainly - gave me a sense of adventure, not knowing where this thing would lead me or how I could apply it in my next endeavor. I kept trying to fit the mold though, frustrated by my failures - as I looked at them from a status -quo perspective. Being a good example for my children became my biggest motivation to break free. I longed to make a difference for them, but I still did not know how to. Now, I have realized I am a pioneer. I am here to express my creativity freely. To do that, you need to dare to fail, to do what no one is doing. The purpose of it all is to connect, using the magazine as a stage for stories and connection. Getting myself on video has been the biggest mirror for me, not able to adequately express myself on camera or demanding it to be all perfect (perfectionism is a way the ego uses to keep you in your comfort zone). So, today, I proudly present you my new video. I finally caught myself and my story on video, speaking from my heart, stepping into my bigger self, and owning my power. I needed to lead by example, finding my power first, so my sons will have me as one of their first role-models of possibility, and I am sure they will make a difference, too, my greatest reward for being a conscious parent.

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