Overture Magazine - 2015-2016 Season March-April 2016 - Page 46

{ impromptu 44 O v ertur e | L aura Farmer Lisa Steltenpohl Principal Viola A concert musician with a clone. Sometimes, when you find yourself on the side of a mountain road in the Poconos, pushing your car out of knee-deep mud while being pelted by rain, that’s the moment you really appreciate having your sister along for the adventure. Even better if that sister is your twin who shares your wacky sense of humor and penchant for finding fun in life. “My twin sister, Anna, is my best friend,” says the BSO’s charismatic principal viola Lisa Steltenpohl. “She and I talk all the time.” Last summer, the pair found themselves on that soggy Poconos adventure because they wanted to spend time together, as they now live in separate cities. “Anna is also a professional musician and performs with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra,” says Steltenpohl. “We decided to meet halfway between Baltimore and Rochester and rented a yurt on Airbnb. It sounded like fun at the time! But with the rain, the whole trip was sort of abysmal.” So that adventure may not have worked out. But, not to worry, as the two have quite an album of other hilarious and wonderful memories. Like the time when they were listening to Vivaldi’s lute concerti in their basement, pretending to be gymnasts in the Atlanta Olympics — and Anna injured her nose. Or the time when they were living together in New York City and only paid for one gym membership and just took turns using it. Or like every time when they perform in orchestras together, when they try to catch each other’s eye from across the orchestra to make each other crack up. Mitro H o o d “I can’t look at Anna when we perform! She always makes me laugh,” says Steltenpohl. “Anna and I grew up performing together in the same youth orchestras. She plays oboe and English horn and I play viola. People ask if we were competitive with each other when we were younger. We really never were. Music was always just one more thing that we enjoyed doing together.” www. bsomusic .org