Overture Magazine - 2015-2016 Season March-April 2016 - Page 42

T h e B a l t i mo r e S ym p h ony O r c h est r a Mr. and Mrs. Albert Biondo Roy Birk Ms. Amy Boscov and Mr. Terence Ellen Elizabeth W. Botzler David E. and Alice R. Brainerd Drs. Joanna and Harry Brandt Jean K. Brenner Elizabeth Bright Jean B. Brown Mrs. Robert W. Brown Stephen C. Buckingham Chuck and Beth Bullamore Dr. Robert P. Burchard Mrs. Edward D. Burger Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Burnett Mr. and Mrs. David Callahan Marla Caplan Mr. and Mrs. Claiborn Carr Dr. and Mrs. John Carey Mr. James T. Cavanaugh, III Ms. Jennifer Cawthra David P. and Rosalie Lijinsky Chadwick Mary D. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Jonas M. L. Cohen Mr. Matthew S. Cole and Dr. Jean Lee Cole John and Donna Cookson Catherine and Charles Counselman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Crooks James Daily Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Darr Richard A. Davis* and Edith Wolpoff-Davis Mr. and Mrs. William C. Dee Dr. Alfred J. DeRenzis Nicholas F. Diliello Dr. Jeanne A. Dussault and Mr. Mark A. Woodworth Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Elsberg and The Elsberg Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fischer Dr. and Mrs. William Fox Gigi Franyo and Dave Ehlers Virginia K. Adams and Neal M. Friedlander, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Gann Audrey and Stanford G. Gann, Sr. Mr. George Garmer Fred and Elaine Gehris Mr. and Mrs. Austin George Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Giargiana, Jr. Mr. Price and Dr. Andrea Gielen Michael B. Glick Judith A. Gottlieb Robert Greenfield Donna and Gary Greenwald Mrs. Ann Greif Mr. Charles H. Griesacker Joel and Mary Grossman Dr. Alfredo J. Guerra and Dr. Sarah C. Keane Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gundlach Sandra and Edward J. Gutman Mary Hambleton Mr. Loring Hawes Mr. David L. Heckman Thelma Horpel Herbert H. Hubbard Alexandra Huff and James BonTempo Yvonne Hughes 40 O v ertur e | www. bsomusic .org Jennifer Hulse Nancy Hulse Ms. Elizabeth Huttar Mr. and Mrs. Scott Jacobs Honor and John Johnson The Honorable and Mrs. Christian M. Kahl Elizabeth M. Kameen Drs. Harold and Norma Kanarek Mrs. Harry E. Karr Mrs. Shirley Kaufman Ann and David Keith George and Catherine Klein Marcel and Barbara Klik Dr. John Boronow and Ms. Adrienne Kols, In Memory of John R. H. and Charlotte Boronow Francine and Allan Krumholtz Charles Randall Kuning Dr. James and Mrs. Lynne LaCalle Andrew Lapayowker and Sarah McCafferty Dr. Edward and Ms. Rebecca Lawson Mr. Ronald P. Lesser Dr. Harry Letaw, Jr. and Mrs. Joyce W. Letaw Len and Cindy Levering Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Levy Ms. Joanne Linder Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lynch Joseph S. Massey Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Mathews Susan J. Mathias Mr. and Mrs. Jordon Max Mrs. Patricia McCall Mr. Timothy Meredith Benjamin Michaelson, Jr. Richard M. Kastendieck and Sally J. Miles Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Miller Noah* and Carol C. O’Connell Minkin Herbert and Miriam Mittenthal Dr. Carol Morris Mr. Howard Moy Marita K. Murray Michael and Rosemary Noble Ms. Margaret O’Rourke and Mr. Rudy Apodaca Mrs. S. Kaufman Ottenheimer Mary Patil Dr. and Mrs. Arnall Patz Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Pearson Mrs. J. Stevenson Peck Dr. Sally Pinkstaff Mr. and Mrs. James Piper Mr. and Mrs. Morton B. Plant Mr. and Mrs. Elias Poe Dr. G. Edward Reahl, Jr. Mr. Charles B. Reeves, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. B. Preston Rich Carl and Bonnie Richards Mrs. Randall S. Robinson Stephen Root and Nancy Greene Mr. Seymour S. Rubak John B. Sacci and Nancy Dodson Sacci Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Schapiro Mrs. Barbara K. Scherlis Jeff M. Schumer Dr. Deborah Schwengel Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sharp Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Sills Mr. and Mrs. Miles T. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Staley Bruce and Lynne Stuart Ms. Sandra Sundeen Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tate Robert and Sharonlee Vogel Charles and Mary Jo Wagandt Charles Emerson Walker, PhD Mr. and Mrs. Kent Walker Dr. Robert F. Ward Drs. Susan and James Weiss Mrs. Margaret Wheeler Jennifer and Leonard Wilcox Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Wilson Mr. George H. Winslow Mr. Sander L. Wise Dr. Richard Worsham and Ms. Deborah Geisenkotter Drs. Paul and Deborah Young-Hyman Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Zurwelle Burt and Karen Leete James Lynch Ellen G. Miles and Neil R. Greene Dr. William W. Mullins Ms. Diane M. Perin Martin Poretsky and Henriette van Eck Roger and Barbara Schwarz Patricia Smith and Dr. Frances Lussier Don Spero and Nancy Chasen Mr. Alan Strasser and Ms. Patricia Hartge Alan V Asay and Mary K Sturtevant Dr. Diana Locke and Mr. Robert E. Toense Dr. Edward Whitman Sylvia and Peter Winik BSO AT STRATHMORE HONOR ROLL The following donors contribute to the BSO at Strathmore Artistic Fund to support music and music education throughout Montgomery County and the DC Metro community. Anonymous (2) Caroline W. and Rick Barnett Ms. Shirley Brandman and Mr. Howard Shapiro Dr. Mark Cinnamon and Ms. Doreen Kelly Dr. Edward Finn Mary Martin Gant George and Joni Gold In memory of Albert Golden, viola David and Anne Grizzle Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hoefler Fran and Bill Holmes Madeleine and Joseph Jacobs Darrell Lemke and Maryellen Trautman Marie Lerch and Jeff Kolb Susan Liss and Family Herb and Rita Posner Donald M. Simonds Thomas M. Ward Strathmore Governing Members Gold $5,000 –$9,999 Anonymous Ms. Marietta Ethier Susan Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Keller David Leckrone and Marlene Berlin Dr. James and Jill Lipton Mr. James Lynch Howard and Linda Martin Mr. and Mrs. Humayun Mirza David Nickels and Gerri Hall Jan S. Peterson and Alison E. Cole William B. and Sandra B. Rogers Mike and Janet Rowan Daniel and Sybil Silver John and Susan D. Warshawsky Strathmore Governing Members Silver $3,000–$4,999 Anonymous Ms. Franca B. Barton and Mr. George G. Clarke Leonard and Gabriela Bebchick Dr. Nancy D. Bridges Geri and David Cohen Kari Peterson [