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About the concert: Orchestral Suite No. 3, BWV 1068 Johann Sebastian Bach Born in Eisenach, Thuringia (now Germany), March 21, 1685; died in Leipzig, July 28, 1750 In the intellectual rigor of his fugues and the spiritual depth of his passions and cantatas, J. S. Bach seems to represent the loftiest state to which music can aspire. But this formidable German had his lighter side as well, and his four orchestral suites show him as a master entertainer, wielding the courtly dance forms of his day with wit and panache. Scholars are still not sure when and where the suites were written. Their secular nature and courtly style would seem to place them in the period of 1717 to 1723, when Bach served as kapellmeister at the princely court of Cöthen and primarily created secular instrumental works, notably the six Brandenburg Concertos. But Prince Leopold’s orchestra was of modest size and presumably unable to provide the exceptionally sumptuous complement of three trumpets required by Suites 3 and 4. Therefore, most likely the work we hear tonight was created in the late 1720s or early 1730s, during his long service in Leipzig. In addition to his primary duties providing music for the services of St. Thomas Church, from 1729 to 1737, Bach directed that city’s Collegium Musicum, a voluntary association of professional musicians and university students. Here Bach could put aside sacred texts and exercise his secular genius. Like its three siblings, the Suite No. 3 in D Major is an amalgamation of two forms very popular in this period: the French overture and the dance suite, based on traditional French courtly dances. Taking up more than half the work, the opening movement follows the traditional French-overture form with slow OPERA | CONCERTS | COMEDY | DANCE | THEATRE & More! ROSSINI’S Il BARBIERE di SI IGLIA Sleeping Beauty The Lyric and Ballet Theatre of Maryland are proud to present a new ballet collaboration. THE BARBER OF SEVILLE MARCH 11 & 13 7:30pm | 3:00pm Starring: Steven LaBrie | Emily Fons | Alek Shrader Conducted by: Maestra Sara Jobin Stage Director: Jeffrey Buchman Artistic Director: James Harp Featuring: The Concert Artists of Baltimore Orchestra Sung in Italian with English surtitles MARYLAND’S PREMIER PROFESSIONAL BALLET COMPANY MARCH 19 7:00pm GOUNOD’S LYRIC OPERA BALTIMORE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR JAMES HARP Starring: Sarah Joy Miller | Jonathan Boyd Luis Alejandro Orozco | Kevin Langan Conducted by: Maestro Adam Turner Stage Director: Bernard Uzan Featuring: The Concer